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$uicideboy$ – Thorns

$uicideboy$ Thorns

Release date: June 14, 2024 Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap Album: New World Depression
Explicit: Yes Duration: 02:10 Label: G59 Records
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You did good, $lick It's a smash Ayy, yuh (It’s us) God damn it, I'm on another planet (Uh) Why they call me Oddy Nuff, you'll never understand it (Yeah) Keep a strap on me, just in case I’m ever stranded (Pew, pew, pew, pew) Ready to up the fire, now you lookin' like a busted pomegranate (Uh) Hop in the Mercedes spaceship, don't panic (Ah) Crash land in Louisiana like I fuckin' planned it (Planned it) It's strictly no photos, especially if they candid (Ah) She call me daddy 'cause her pussy mine and I demand it (Yuh) Branded, and so arе all my G59 bandits Hate on suicide, but we all know that you stan it (Haha) Thе way I played the hand, that I was dealt you'd think I'm Gambit (Ah) Holdin’ up the five-nine skull like I’m Hamlet I'm on my pimp shit (Oh) Ayy, yeah (Oh, yeah, oh) I’m in New Orleans off them Percocets Like I'm Sean Payton (Who that?) Bitches hit my line, I said "Not today, Satan" (Ayy) Fine dining in a pair of crocs, gripping Kimber Glocks Watching money turning fam to opps, what a paradox (Go, go, go) Never could take none of them serious, they just made me curious (Go, go) Of how they so pussy, but don't ever have a period (That's true) Stars up where the ceiling is, Donald Trump interior (Go) Heroin came from Syria Okay, I’m finished, sike! Invade a bitches throat Then evade the conversation (Skrr, skrr) Checkin' expiration dates, my only moderation Went from broke in a shed, to a billion valuation Still that skinny, pimping, drug taking Caucasian (What?)

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