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$uicideboy$ – Burgundy

$uicideboy$ Burgundy

Release date: June 14, 2024 Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap Album: New World Depression
Explicit: Yes Duration: 04:28 Label: G59 Records
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Y-y-y (Y-y-y) Y-y-y (Y-y-y) You did good, $lick La la la la (It's a smash) La la la la la la la la la La la la la La la la la la la la la la Ha, ha, ha, haha, ha, let's go, let's go, let's go I was running up the dope before the dough (North) You can check the records Ever since I got conscious, dying was obvious, counting down the seconds I was left with no options, snorting oxys off a Smith & Wesson Body filled with narcotics, fuck the optics, bitch, next question (Get the fuck outta here) Smokin' like I been stressing (Smoke) Hoes tryna read me, leave 'em dyslexic (Ho) Get this weight off my chest like I'm bench pressing, ho, I'm big stepping (Wetto) Jordan Clarkson with the Narcan I shoot for thirty and that's with my off-hand Walk in, they like, "Who let the dogs in?" Kill myself before I let an opp win Bitches begging me to get toxic, okay, let me go and pour a cup Mom and dad would if they could, I ain't even mad they ain't showing up Thinking 'bout it got me choking up, if I love her, time to blow it up Pop on some Percs 'til I'm throwin' up Then refresh on X like I'm scrolling up Yeah, I got some wounds that ain't closing up (Let's get it) Cuts on my body, no toning up (Let's get it) Ghost that there ain't no disposing of (Let's go, let's go, ayy, ayy) Emotionless, but the dose is up (Let's get it) Fuck affection, I don't cozy up You in my house, and that's close enough I got problems with trust, I got problems with lust Bitch, that's powder, not dust Whole gang brain fucked G'59, we the cult They ain't nothing like us (Grey) They say, "Huh?" I say, "What?" I drink 'Tuss, they drink nut They all pussies, get touched Turn an opp to a slut Turn his block to a blunt Watch my dog, he got flushed Looking at his first dead body Life too painful and the game will change you Have you saying, "Fuck everybody" I don't give a fuck what they hear about me Got a couple killers including Dre around me Better think twice 'fore you play around me Got more guns on me than a red county Copped the Porsche 911, now I’m gettin’ randomly selected (What the fuck?) Search for drugs and bombs and weapons Wait a second (Huh), no need for aggression (Nope) Just a common misconception bettin' that they'll threaten my profession (Prolly) Their perception of who I am, won't make me question who I am, damn Rose gold and morganite lookin' like a suicidal gesture Knocked her ex-boyfriend the fuck out, just so I could impress her (Fuck him) Just so I could undress her (Yeah) Now I'm paying for the fall semester (God damn) I told her to call me professor after winter break I'ma hand her off to my successor Strive for the greater and never the lesser Me and $crim made it without an investor Yeah we survived suicidal adventures Made a pact that we would never surrender (Huh?) Never surrender (Say it again) Made a pact that we would never surrender Selling my soul to my dreams and my goals but I won't ever stop until I'm on the stretcher There's a demon in me and I think it might've overstayed its' welcome (Uhh) There's a demon in me and it's helping me to reach a state of bedlam (Uh-oh) Snorting these pills like I'm trying to smell them I'm declarin' war on my cerebellum (Ayy) My worst enemy is the version of me that I can't even fucking remember (Ayy, ayy, ayy) Uh, yeah Ruby been destined for the looney bin Round my finger that uzi spins While I'm chugging some bougie gin, lose or win I'm never slowing down like, we losin' wind, I'm grooming them for death 'Cause my lifestyle, will have you choosing limbs, the moon is dim Tonight I'll have to remain locked up in my tomb again Took too many xans I started asking who is $crim? The knot is loose again Someone tied the noose too thin Living life like pulling teeth I'l die with a toothless grin Oh, you better run boy, get those fucking legs going Oh, you better run boy, get those fucking legs going Oh, you better run boy, get those fucking legs going Oh, you better run boy, get those fucking legs going La la la la La la la la la la la la la La la la la La la la la la la la la la

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