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$uicideboy$ – Drag ’Em to the River (Totalitarian Remix)

$uicideboy$ Drag ’Em to the River (Totalitarian Remix)

Release date: June 14, 2024 Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap Album: New World Depression
Explicit: Yes Duration: 03:47 Label: G59 Records
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You did good, $lick Bring this shit back to '96 (What) Northside in this bitch Lil Wetto Southside in this bitch (What) East-side, *59, motherfucker West Bank in this bitch Respect me East-side *59 (Ay) Heard that boy talking shit, I'ma murk his ass (Fuck 'em) Said he got guns, I don't believe his ass (Fucker) Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew, I ain't talkin' mass (Shh) Said he gon' kill who? Ha, I need a laugh (Haha) Ayy, big dog $lick $loth, northside killer Heartbreak kid, young wet Ben Stiller How the fuck you chart on Billboard but I'm still fuckin' richer? I went platinum with no billboard, no video, no pictures Can give a fuck 'bout these plaques or these critics and bitchеs I'm just grindin' for my fam, give my girl what she wishes (Ayy) Y'all fuck boys just buyin' toys, don't pass on my litmus I donе went broke, made it back tenfold, that's God as my witness "Ay cut throat, let 'em know", still a savage motherfucker Solja rag in that Rolls, lookin' like Juvie in that Hummer Number one stunner, I'm off St. Bernard with Ruby Went to Carrollton with my shirt off screamin' out "Bitch, who gon' shoot me?" I grab the Uzi, I hit the huey Eatin' a ten piece in a Benz, just another fuckin' Tuesday Bitch, I'm too grey I mean three grey Fucking the game with no foreplay PD sayin' they "fuckin' with me", reminding me of what a whore would say (Uh-Uh) Still fuck them hoes Still coming down off them drugs from three years ago (Sheesh) Still hoardin' most of my money, can't shake feeling broke (Damn) Who the fuck you know blew a 'mil up their nose? Yeah, they heard, I found God like I still won't shoot Baddest motherfuckin' crackers, there ain't no dispute Fuck this whole industry, even the no names too (Fuck 'em) Let me just tell you that I hate you, there's no need to assume (Grey, grey) Feel like year 2000 and I'm Aaron Brooks Take that fent, that brown, and show you how to cook You brought the whole gang down and I ain't even shook (Pussy) And I'll just stop right now 'cause I don't need a hook I'm a *59 soldier, New Orleans stunner Dodgin' NOPD they always out and about in the summer I don't fuck with no New Orleans hoes, but I did when I was younger Now I'm flyin' em in from out of state pick 'em up in a camo hummer Still off that St. Bernard exit down by the lake Still pullin’ up at Russell’s just to hand out free eighth’s Still whippin’ a big body, ain't slammin' brakes 'cause I'm late Still courtside at the Pelican’s game but they won't say my name Blanco Leopardo, I’m the 7th ward lord The chopper never jams, but I still use it as a sword Sneakin' into cemeteries like I pre-ordered death I fucked my ex on a grave, a hand popped out, grabbed her neck Yeah, my pimping done started a fuckin' zombie outbreak (Yeah) Told the devil not to wait up because I'ma be out late Watch out for the sniper shootin' cars when you're drivin' through the East Ballys on my feet, down here you either swim or you sink East Bank born and raised but I’ve been all over (East Bank) Catch me uptown at the fly, I don't think I ever been there sober Catch me downtown on the stoop, I'm usually there in October Crossin' town in the Cullinan, I know it look like a Rover (Uh) Who that? Who that? I ride around with no tint Get the gat, get the gat, under the seat is a MAC-10 I hear pop pop pop pop, and I wake up sweatin' bullets So I moved down da bayou where it ain't so fucking humid Yeah, I'm going through it All these motherfuckers want something from me These bitches see I got money, that's why they gon' try and fuck me (Haha, bitch) They want a kid in they tummy but I wrap it up like a mummy These fucking greasy ass hoes, I keep it clean bitch don’t touch me (Ew) So many blood suckers out here, slay 'em all like I'm Buffy What you want from me baby? Why you bein' so fussy? Why don't you go down to Harrah's and see if you get lucky? If you see my granny, ask her about me, she'll say she love me I hold it down for my people, make sure my family ain’t broke I put on for my city, I'm 504 'til I croak I wanna die in New Orleans, yeah, this shit ain't a joke (Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey) Just cremate my body and then lace the blunt before you smoke Yeah Fuck Northside East Drag 'em to the river Drag 'em to the river Drag 'em to the river Drag 'em to the river Drag 'em to the river Drag 'em to the river Drag 'em to the river

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