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$uicideboy$ – All of My Problems Always Involve Me

$uicideboy$ All of My Problems Always Involve Me

Release date: June 14, 2024 Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap Album: New World Depression
Explicit: Yes Duration: 02:01 Label: G59 Records
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You did good, $lick It's a Smash Lil $lick done travelled, Lil $lick done travelled, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy Lil $lick done travelled the world and caught a few cases (Okay, okay) Tryna keep my motherfuckin' head up but the view taking (Ay turn me up) Seen so many faces, so many places up in this game And they all fake as fuck to make a buck but me I been the same The same motherfucker that was broke on that dope (Yеah) Now I changed, motherfucker tryna show 'еm there's some hope Just another failure, no, I ain't no God, I ain't no savior Tryna let go of my bullets, still got one up in the chamber Yeah, yeah I know some of y'all love me and I know some of y'all hate me (But fuck it) But I almost went crazy in 2018 I was lookin' at the mirror daily, pointin' and sayin' "Don't try and play me" I was actin' kinda shady, well, I admit I was actin' sus as fuck Cuz was stressin' enough to try and test my luck (Fuck) Snort somethin' off the desk and duck, duck a text and shoot the messenger Get the gun and tell 'em all to stretch then run, when I'm done– Please do not release any music or videos that were not previously released before our death Please do not continue our music career as if we were still alive in order to exploit our name for profit, thank you

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