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Falling In Reverse – Ronald

Falling In Reverse, Tech N9ne, Alex Terrible Ronald

Release date: May 7, 2024 Genre: Post-hardcore, Rock Album: Popular Monster
Explicit: Yes Duration: 03:16 Label: Epitaph
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Once upon a time, everything was alright I used to feel safe, not a worry in sight Then I grew up, quickly realized The world is a fucked up place sometimes Death is at your door Reaching in from the other side It's time to cut the cord Hangin' on like a parasite, go (Ah) Hangin' on like a parasite Hangin' on like a parasite Don't hesitate, you're hangin' on for your life Don't hesitate, you're reachin' out from the light Walking on a razor's edge My blood runs black, I'm not your friend Fuck Pull from the depths of the 36 Chambers, ah Ah, pull the trigger, give a bullet to a stranger, nice Ah, pull from the depths of the 36 Chambers (Hahahahaha) Pull the trigger, give a bullet to a stranger I don't wanna die (Die), but I'm not gonna live In a place so cold, in a world like this (This) Crucify me (Me), it's blasphemy (-my) Throw me in the fire, let me burn for eternity, go (Go, go, go) Burn for eternity (-y, -y, -y), eternity I'll never be the one that will ever back down Never turn around and run Never, never, never back down Deep into the trench of a place unknown Lies a dead man clutched to the bottom of a throne At the bottom of a hole that nobody wants to go It's the devil that you know that's gotta hold up on your wicked soul (Damn) What is up in your mind? Are you thinkin' the devil is makin' the crime? Or the people are evil and never no demon design? Or the opposite of a divine? No Yes, the hell is in front of you, side and behind I can feel every sign of a human decline I'm believing the time is upon us when all of our people are blind (Yo) Red rain, saw it fallin' from a tower's dead plane Head banged Mandalay Bay hotel, lotta lead came Sex change could get you caught up in death range He pled sane but really imitating Ed Gein How do we get this way? Negative shit to say when you get dismay Havin' a fit today so you wanna make a bitch decay My son's mom went gone, it was really wrong I thought I was gonna vomit searching for my son, but I didn't go John Muhammad So the devil's right here on this level, wipe tears That's 'cause when rebels ready to pop the heavy metal, why fear? (Yeah) Abomination, they been fakin', consecration hatin', western education Got that killer on a kid, I gotta chase 'em, go Go Spiraling out of control and deeper down the rabbit hole Ayy Never gonna let them get the most of what they'll have to resurrect You're sick to death, better take me down I don't give a fuck, this disgrace to God (No) Yeah (Ah) Never gonna let them get the most of what they'll have to resurrect I don't give a fuck, this disgrace to God

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