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Release date: November 10, 2023 Genre: Pop Album: Single
Explicit: Yes Duration: 03:12 Label: Columbia Records
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Well, my first time, let's see Woke up with the sun today, it's another sunny day I went past my mama crib, 90210, L.A.​​ Bought that shit six months ago, I'm set for life, yeah, some would say But every day, I wake up scared that it could be taken from me I'm not givin' nothin' back, I got used to gettin' paid But no one ever told me what I'd have to sacrifice for fame (Yeah) I'm just tryin' not to go insane But I got all this weight on me and I just wanna run away (Yeah) I don't wanna hear from you, I'm losin' my temper now Get the fuck up off my phone, I don't wanna hear from ya Went to Mexico for like six days Camе back and now I still feel the same way Fucked up, in pain Likе, why the fuck I spent a hundred fifty on this plane? Like, why the fuck I spent two hundred sixty on these chains? Like, how am I so paranoid? I bulletproofed my Range Shit don't make no sense I mean, the pressure's immense I'm nineteen, tryna navigate money and stress Weird industry friends and my family life is intense And my girl is always upset 'cause I'm always fuckin' workin' Shit, I expect some respect Can't even go on the 'net without someone goin' for my neck I forget that I'm blessed, I pray to God, I hope it's a test 'Cause I've been givin' so much, I don't know what I got left Hold on, baby, check the score, why the hell you talkin' for? How many weeks on Billboard? Top ten, like forty-four, um That's just one song and plus my albums, there's a couple more Walked in Louis, bought the store, model bitch, she love couture All that sneak dissin' on the internet, you must be bored Want my reaction, but my time's some shit you can't afford I paid like way too much for these diamonds, these bitches ain't floored I wake up and thank the Lord Brand-new drink, I sip and pour it up Uh, I do not really give a fuck Maybach truck, I pulled it off and I'm sorry And I do not really give a fuck When I get high, I just get stuck and I'm sorry (I am, I am, I am) (I am, I am, I am) (Sorry, sorry) (Sorry)

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